Friday, January 30, 2009

Challenge 8 layout

Credits: New Year by Gingerscraps
Staples and Brads by Harmonystar

LO inspiration:

Challenge 8 Instructions

Here is your challenge info:

FAST FORWARD! This challenge is for both players, but the first team finished may skip the FEBRUARY 1 challenge if they wish!

A lot of us here at Oscraps are totally excited about the new season of American we decided to make our own version...Scrapping Idol!

What is a Scrapping Idol, you ask?
Scrapping Idol: a scrapper that amazes, inspires, awes, and/or makes you want to be able to scrap just like them.

We all have a scrapper that makes us drool over every single layout they crank out. So, your challenge begins with going to that person's gallery and choosing a layout to scraplift. Go know you want to.

Ok, got a layout in mind? Here's what you have to do to complete this stop on ADSR:

1. Scraplift a layout from the gallery of your Scrapping Idol.
Flip it, twist it, turn it, do whatever you gotta do. Just make sure your layout is inspired in some way by your idol's layout. If it isn't obvious how you scraplifted the layout, be sure to explain it in your credits...we don't want those poor ADSR judges working too hard, do we?

2. Include a star somewhere on your layout.
The star can be a brush, a doodle, a sticker, an element, star paper, a star of ANY type! If you need a star, we have at least one in our freebie section of the store! Here's a link to our Freebie section!

3. Include the word DREAM somewhere on your layout.
It doesn't matter where or how, just make sure the word DREAM is somewhere on your layout. If it is the journaling, please include the journaling in your credits. The word "dream" will be accepted in any language...just please point it out for the judges.

4. Please link up to the layout you lifted in your credits.

Yep...that's all, folks. I'm all about keeping things simple in I thought I'd keep this challenge pretty simple! So inspired by your Scrapping Idol...and create your own masterpiece for us all to drool over!

You are not required to post your layout here at Oscraps, but if you'd like us to oooh and ahhh over it here, you can post it in our ADSR #4 2009 Gallery.

The prize for this challenge is a coupon good for one of our Oscraps Collaboration Kits. ($6.00 maximum)

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

My challenge 7 and 8 LO's

I did my LO for challenge 8 first and then the LO for challenge 7. So I am just going to post them both in this thread.

Challenge 7

Sunshine studio scraps "Sunrise Special"
and Atomic Cupcake

Challenge 8

"Tiny Treasures" - Statements by Jodi - ME!
"Whoville" - Ginger Scraps
"Januarry 2009" - Gotta Pixel

Inspiration LO;limit=recent

Challenge 7 layout

Sunrise Special a Sunshine Studio Scraps Collaboration
Tag - Bottom of the Toybox
Metal Swirl - Kickin Up the Leaves by Weeds and Wildflowers
Word art by Dirty Feet Designs
border - Girly Glass Mozaic by Bohemian Art

Sunday, January 25, 2009

We've made it to Challenge 7

Stop 7 for the race is at Sunshine Studio Scraps. This is a normal challenge so each racer must complete this challenge to move on.

Our Challenge:
Download the freebie from the SUN named Sunrise Special...

Make a layout using everything in the freebie. You may recolor, resize, etc. as long as you use it all in some way.
** You can use other products in addition to this freebie **

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Challenge 6 Layout

This was a difficult challenge...not because of the instructions per say, but rather the clarity of the instructions. There were so many "ifs" and "uncertainties". I created a beautiful layout that I absolutely love, but did not submit it because I was afraid it didn't follow the rules so I created an entirely different layout (which I really don't like much at all). So here they are:

My entry for challenge 6 (scrap lifted from Jodi's pictured below mine).

Credits: Saturday in the Park by Bon Scrapatit

This is the LAYOUT I DID and LOVE, but did not submit for the challenge because I was afraid it was going to cause us to be eliminated. I wasn't sure if we were supposed to use the EXACT layout for everything or just the photo placement. Also I wasn't sure if Jodi used 3 bows I had to use 3 bows. I just wasn't sure if we had to use the exact elements, the same number of elements, or the same number of items. I still don't know the answer and it was rather frustrating.

Venci by Kathrin Pfetzing
Feathers from Cute as a Button by Lily Designs
Date tag from Dream Whispers by Jofia Defoe.

The above layout was based on Jodi's layout here:

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

ADSR Challenge 5

Credits: Cute as a Button my Lily Designs

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Challenge 5 LO

Here is my Challenge 5 LO.

The Sign under the tree says from top to bottom, Future - Past
The journaling is a poem I wrote. This LO represents the photos that I wish I had of my uncle who passed away a year and a half ago and my daughter Rebekah.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Challenge 5!

Woo Hoo! I was the first to find this challenge! It can be found here.

Welcome to Round 5 of the Amazing DigiScrapping Race! :woot

Your challenge for this stop is to create a layout that has no photos on it, but includes at least 3 different and separate photo frames.

Sometimes we have special thoughts, feelings and/or memories about a person or place or event or pet or whatever, but no photos. OR, we could be missing someone who has passed on or something that is no longer in our lives and would dearly love to be able to express that on a page.

Because scrapbooking is all about recording our life journey and that of our family we can still create a page to record and preserve those special thoughts, feelings and/or memories with a little thought and planning and with the creative use of photo frames and journaling (although journaling is not required for this challenge).

You could even try doing a collage of elements and paper cut-outs within the photo frames to create a pictorial representation of your missing photos.

The prize for Racers completing this challenge is a $10.00 coupon to the Shoppe, valid until January 31 2009.

Remember ~ enjoy the process!!!!

Happy racin' ~ Happy scrappin'

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Challenge 4 layout

Chance of Rain kit by Bon Scrapatit
Pencil by Blue Dream Designs
Hand prints (recolored) and Date It Strip by Shawn Headley
Glitter splat (recolored) by Pimp Your Scrapbook

Journaling reads:
Everyday you amaze me.
Everyday you explore your world and discover new things.
Everyday you show me how much fun life really is.
Everyday you are you and I love you for that.
Everyday you remind me how much I enjoy watching you grow up right before my eyes.
Everyday you never fail to make me smile.
Everyday I love you.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

My Challenge 4 LO

YAY! Barb already posted the challenge 4 instructions so I am just going to post my LO.

As soon as I saw this challenge I knew what picture I wanted to use. While visiting my family in NC for Christmas I was told about this painting that my brother did of Rebekah. When I said I wanted to see it my sister in law said that she told him he should send it to me and and he said that I could do it myself. HAHA, I told her probably not. Then when he showed it to me my sister in law asked if I could do that and I said maybe if I played with it long enough. I was mistaken! My brother put the .psd file on my USB drive and when I opened it to do this challenge I was amazed at all the work he had put into it! Each color is on it's own layer and is painted (he has a digital pad that I am sure he used for this) by hand. I thought he just did a few effects in photoshop to get the overall look, but he did not. I could not in a million years paint this picture! Ok so enough back story, here is my LO.

Frame - Inspired by dominic Designs - "In the air"

Lined Paper- Coralee Evans aka MzCora - "Hall Pass"

PaintBrush - "Wild"

Painters Pallet -

Background paper - Flergs "Dawn till dusk"

Grunge brushes by KeReN

Splatter brushes by Garfcore

Coffee stains brush by nyssi from DeviantArt

Swirlies brush - ObsidianDawn

Paper on the Alpha is from Ginger Scraps "A Mermaid's Tail" The pant splatters were added with brushes from Garfcore


My brother is such an inspiration to me! This is a photograph of my daughter that he painted in photoshop. My brother is an artist and in the past few years has started to bring his artwork to the digital age. When his wife told him he should send it to me, he said, she can do this herself! I may have photoshop but I do not have his artistic talent! I am sure it would take me years to even attempt this painting!
He inspires me to learn more and do more with Photoshop.

Challenge 4

The Art and Soul Challenge! from Tangie Baxter Designs
You both must complete this challenge! However, this is a FAST FORWARD challenge which means that the first team done can SKIP the January 18th challenge if they wish!

1. The Art of it: Your LO must have artistic flair! Literally! Your LO must have at least 3 things "artsy" and/or "altered" on it--(such as but not limited to: paint splatters, a paintbrush, paint spills, crayon doodles, goopy glitter, watercolors, canvas AND/OR altered art items such as wings on photos, art dolls, vintage doodads, ephemera, etc). Really stretch yourself and try something "artsy" that you haven't tried before!

2. The Soul of it: You must journal something from your Soul. Something positive, heartfelt and meaningful to you in your life! Something you've learned, something you've gleaned from your life experience. Perhaps something you would want to pass on to the next generation! (It can even be your favorite quote and why it touches/inspires you) Uplift us, make us smile--inspire us! You must share your journaling with us-if it's hard to read or blended into the background-part of the challenge is to share your journaling in your description.

Challenge 3 layout

This was a tough challenge for me because the layout I had to redo was one I really liked and just did recently. I didn't start uploading to a public gallery until December of 2008!

Santa's Workshop by Trixie Scraps
Date Stamp by Shel Belle Scraps

Monday, January 12, 2009

Challenge 3

Here was the instructions for challenge 3.

Your challenge is simple.

Find the first layout you created that is still uploaded to a gallery and scraplift it using techniques, trends and concepts that you have learned since you did that original layout.

You can...
  • You can use a different kit, elements, papers, brushes, shapes, etc.
  • You can add and remove elements, papers, etc.
  • You can use a different sized canvas.
  • You can move things around and change the overall sketch of the layout.
  • You can use the first layout uploaded to any gallery. This does not necessarily mean that it's the first layout you ever did.

You can not...

  • You can not add additional photos to the layout.
  • You can not remove any photos from the layout.
  • You can not add additional text to the layout; journaling, alphas that spell out a word, word art, journaling. The only text that appears on the layout must be identical in verbiage to what it was originally. You can change the font, you can convert text into an alpha. If your layout previously used an alpha or wordart, you can convert that alpha/wordart to text or use a new alpha/wordart to spell the same thing. When you are done though, you must have the same words that were on the old layout, on the new layout.
So here is my LO.

I did not start uploading LO's to any galleries until I joined the CT at Ginger Scraps. So my first LO I uploaded to a gallery was to DST and it can be found here.;ppuser=15837

I loved this LO so it was very hard for me to do this challenge. I like how my new page has turned out though.


Flergs - "Dawn till dusk"

Tina Raparanta a.k.a. Miss Tiina - "Sweet Monkey Baby"

HarmonyStar - "Make like a tree"

HarmonyStar - "Bits 'N Pieces"

Friday, January 9, 2009

Second Challenge

Here is our second challenge:

Welcome to your 2nd challenge here at ES! (Elemental Scraps)

This challenge is an intersection. This means you need to work collaboratively on this project!

2 racers / 1 final product!Here's the challenge:

Cabin Fever(interpret this as you will, but it must be evident that this is the thought/theme behind your page!)

Must include:
3 photos
4 papers only (no more or less)
8 different elements - at least 1 must be acrylic
2 different fonts
Must have a title,
and journaling (which must be visible - if it is not readable, please include in your description)

We had to work together on this one! Even though Barb is on vacation she still helped out ALOT! She sent me the photos and journaling and title how she wanted it and I added the papers and elements. We work well together! Check out our awesome LO!

See, I told you we work well together! haha I am so proud of our first combined LO!
Ok here are the credits and what the journaling says, since if it could not be read we had to supply the words in our credits. See those little acrylic feet? One of the racers made those for her LO and was kind enough to share them with everyone! They were so perfect for our LO that I just had to snag them and add them! Don't they look like wet footprints on that tarp?!

8 Unique Elements
1. 3 Acrylic Pieces - water splat - AWP - "Pompey"
Acrylic water splash - Ginger Scraps - "Cool Off"
Acrylic Feet - Belanna At Odds - "Acrylic Footprints"
2. 3 Frames - Flergs
3. 1 tied string - WaterLO Project - "Snowflake in the World"
4. 1 rock fish - WaterLO Project - "On The Beach"
5. 2 paper clips - HarmonyStar's "Bits n pieces"
6. 1 Wet and wild glitter word wrap around text - Ginger Scraps "Cool Off"
7. 1 pair of shorts - Ginger Scraps "Cool Off"
8. 1 pair of flip flops - Ginger Scraps "Cool Off"

4 papers - All from - Ginger Scraps - "Cool Off"
1. tarp (under the journaling)
2. tarp with water drops
3. paper with water slides
4. water background paper

2 fonts
Markus the Cow (journaling) and Batik Regular (title)

LIVE/LIFE - "Grunge Alpha" by Harmonystar


We were all feeling a
little cooped up and
looking forward to
Christmas, but wanted
to get away for a
short vacation before
Christmas. We saw
a commercial for the
“Wild Water Dome Indoor
Waterpark” in Sevierville, TN
and could not resist so we
packed up our things and
headed out for a short 4
day get away. We all had
a great time & enjoyed
the break from our
daily routine.
Mommy and Daddy
had the most fun
watching Gabe
have the time
of his life
playing in
the water.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My First Challenge is finally completed as well...

The First challenge given by Hummie's World was to...
1) Rip and tear a photo into three or more pieces! (that's a photo, not papers!)
2) Use journaling on your layout (something I stress is SO important).
Journaling: A personal record of occurrences, experiences, and reflections

This is a challenge to be completed by both racers.

Papers, alpha and ribbon - "Relax" by Summer Driggs
Memories tag and staple - "I Miss You" kit by Sya's Blueprints
Spoons and string - "Cute as a Button" by Lily Designs
tape - "Backyard Explorer" by Mommyscraps

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Our first challenge!

We got our first challenge on Sunday and I have finally finished!

Ginger Scraps - Whoville - The kit I used
HarmonyStar's - Bits N Pieces - Paper clips
Scrappin Cop - The torn strips on the picture
Happy Scrap Girl - The overlay on the picture

The journaling says:

Christmas Morning!

You were opening your stocking gifts while we waited for your cousins to come over. Every little piece you tore off your gifts, you handed to me and said "here you go." It was very hard to take pictures because you tore pieces off so fast!