Friday, February 27, 2009

And the winners are!

Sure enough there is a video on the blog I mentioned before. So here are the winners.

Second runners up:

Team 33 - Lost Chicks

First runners up:

Team 66 - PSP Mama's

And the grand prize winners:

Team 217 - scrappin' angels

Not my team (2 Scrappy Chicks) and no one I know.

The prizes along the way were great and the race was lots of fun!

Thanks for reading our blog!

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Teams that finished the race

203 teams finished the race! Wow that's so amazing considering we started with 236 teams!
So that means we all have a 1 in 203 chance of winning the grand prize! WOW that really puts things into perspective. Actually I think the chances are a little better than that because some of the teams are not eligible for the grand prize because they were members of the NDISB team.

I got my information from their blog at

I guess the good news is that there are going to be 3 winners. 1st place gets the biggest prize and then there are two runner ups that get a smaller prize (2nd and 3rd place).

Good luck everyone!

Someone who raced in previous years said that she remembered they did a video of the drawing on the above blog so keep checking that blog for the winners!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Challenge 13 is complete!!

We used the kit Where the Heart Grows by GG Digital Designs. In the left layout it's a picture of Jodi and her husband, John, and me and my husband, John, on our respective wedding days.

There are many forms of love, that is the beauty of it.
Love is so diverse.
Our hearts are so big that we have room for all the different types of love.
The love we have for our husbands, for our children, our families, our friends, and even the love we have for perfect strangers.
Isn't love a wonderful thing!?

I did the left side... The layout includes a picture of Jodi and her family (bottom) me with my family (top). The hands/heart picture is a picture of my hands in the shape of a heart and then editted. Photo taken by my husband, John.


The love for a child is immeasurable. It is not something you can put a price on or buy more of. There is an endless supply of love waiting to be given to each & every child we bring into the world. A parent's LOVE for a child is like no other. A child's love for a parent is the most rewarding type of love. It is the kind of love where you do not need to be loved in return to know you truly are loved.

Challenge 13

CHALLENGE 13 IS NOW OPTIONAL! If you do it, you are eligible for the ADSR4 Diversity Collaboration Kit below.

It’s Friday the 13th and you are about to embark on your 13th challenge. You have entered…. (queue scary music) the ADSR Zone!

For this challenge, you will work together as a team to create a single two-page layout, with each of you creating one half. Because you are each completing your own half of a two-page layout, there is no need to swap files and otherwise transfer large documents (yay!)

For completing this challenge, NDISB will give you this mega kit, called Diversity. And because diversity is intersecting with Valentines Day in the ADSR Zone, your challenge is to create a two-page layout about the diversity of love.

You must collaborate on your two-page layout and it must coordinate. Both the overall design and color scheme/kit must coordinate. Since you’ve already accessed 10 challenge prizes, you should already have a variety of matching collab kits to choose from. But if you feel the need to step outside that, you can peruse plenty of freebies from our host sites:

Samplers at NDISB

FREE*bies at Anita Stergiou Designs

Samplers at Elemental Scraps

Free Gifts from Inspiration Lane

Free Products from KB and Friends

Freebies from Oscraps

Free Treats from Pixel Gypsy Designs

Here are your assignments. It doesn't matter which team member does which assignment, but just make sure you have one of each when you're finished. Also be sure to put your journaling and your supply list in your description when you post your layout.

Left Page:
Use exactly 3 papers
1 must be in a shape
Use exactly 3 photos
1 must be B & W
Use exactly 3 flowers
Use exactly 2 strings/ ribbons
Use exactly 2 staples
You may use other embellishments as needed, as long as they are not flowers, strings, ribbons, staples, papers or photos.

Journal at least 5 sentences (must include the word love).

Right Page:
Use at least 4 papers
1 must be a print, all others must be plain
Use exactly 2 photos
Crop 1 photo into a shape
Use exactly 3 staples
Use only 1 flower
Use only 1 string/ ribbon
Use exactly 1 frame
Use exactly 1 alpha

journal at least 5 sentences (must include the words heart and diverse, or diversity).

You may not use any other embellishments or items on your page.

When uploading your layout, please do not place any description or journaling in the description box prior to hitting the submit button. When the second page comes up, please cut and paste the challenge into the description box, and itemize each paper or element used, according to the challenge. Our weary volunteers are going to need eye exams after this, and I don't know that we can afford to pay for all of them! Thanks for all of your help and we hope that you have enjoyed Season 4 of the Amazing Digi Scrapping Race!

Both layouts are due by midnight EST, Sunday February 22. Yes, that’s right, you have 9 full days to get this in!

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Challenge 12 layout

Ribbon, stitched, flowers, butterfly, swirls - Kindred Spirit by Erica Zane
Lace Paper - "Hanukkah Nights" Statements by Jodi
Paper Strips - Gunhild
Font - Worstveld Sling
Locket - "Memory Box" Dreamers Magic Designs, Kelly Walker Edited by Jodi
Black paper - Sunshine Studio Scraps "Sunny ADSR" colab
Glitter - megadoodle
Word Art - Story Tellers


I do not have many photos of me growing up because we had 2 fires when I was a child and most of my photos got lost in those fires.
Although I cherish the photos that I do have, I wish I had more. This is why I always have a camera and why I am in so few photos myself, because I am the one who is always taking the photographs.
I don't mind though because I know that when my daughter grows up she will have all the photos that I wished I had.
I love to know the stories behind old photos that I come across so I love to scrap my daughter so I can preserve those stories for her.
I know that some day she will look back on them and be grateful for the preserved memories. That is why I am a storyteller.

Jodi I have never been one to tell stories. I have always been the kind of person to keep my personal life to myself or to simply keep it within the family. My views of story telling changed after I had my son, Gabe. One day I got to thinking I do not know many of the cute things (or not so cute things) I did while growing up and it saddens me. Of course, I have some pictures from my life, but I do not know the stories associated with them. I do not blame my mom for this by any means, as she did have her hands full being the best mom to me and my siblings, but she always tells me she cannot remember the specific details since there were five of us to keep her busy. However, not knowing the stories associated with pictures from my life made me want to scrap "moments in time" so I can share the "good times, bad times, funny times, sad times, and the ups and downs and all arounds of life" with my children. Story telling freezes time for me, even if it is just for a moment. I hope to one day look back at the layouts I have created when I am old and gray and say "I remember this exact moment". It is my way of preserving the life I have with my family now for when I cannot remember much of anything. This is why I am a story teller.

Challenge 12

Challenge 12 is located at {we are} Storytellers:

"This challenge is an INTERSECTION -- Players must collaborate on one project.

Pretend you and your team mate are sitting on a porch, sipping a cup of tea and chatting. You stumble upon the topic of storytelling, your eyes light up and you begin talking about why storytelling is so important to each of you.

Please create a layout that expresses what storytelling means to each of you. Why did you each choose this form (scrapbooking in general and/or digital specifically) to tell your stories? Why is storytelling important? How do you feel about storytelling (is it a creative outlet, way to express your words, document your family's experiences, etc.) Why are you a storyteller? (You don't have to answer all these questions, consider them food for thought and to give you an idea as to what we are looking for.)

Your story must include:

{we are} storytellers word-art provided (see below) -- you may alter the word-art if you would like.
At least 1/2 of the layout must be journaling, more the better
At least 5 elements/embellishements
No more than 2 pieces of paper
Only 2 small photos, 1 of each of you, placed in the bottom right hand area of your page. IF you have a photo of the two of you together, you may use it and only required to have 1 photo. The bottom line, we want to see your beautiful faces!"

Challenge 11 layout

Credits: Big Top by Amber LaBau of Stolen Moments

Monday, February 9, 2009

Jodi's challenge 11 LO

I told hubby the challenge and he gave me this idea. He told me the question and said I should scrap a photo of a cross. I loved the idea so much I just had to do it. So thanks John for the wonderful idea!
I really love how it turned out too.

Alpha - Snowsmoon's Designs - Dawn Mills "Romantic Heritage"
Clouds - Megakit baby-cafe "Summer - Time" by Lencula
Clock - AWP "Vinegar and brown paper"
Paper - Statements by Jodi "O Holy Night"
Frame and Dove - Nydia M. Acabá (Nydia’s Scraps) "Happy Holidays"
Photo - Stock photo from 0 - Uploaded by bradimarte
Nails and crosses blended into the paper - Amy W. Designs - "Risen"

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Challenge 11 is here!

Welcome to the Orchard!!

We are so excited to be your next stop in the ADSR! Now... being a racer myself, I know you just want to get right down to business, but make sure you stop by our blog because we have a lot of exciting things going on right now that you are definitely going to want to check out (including a BIG sale and a BRAND NEW DESIGNER)!!


You know the drill!

You can ask any one person (dead or alive; family, friend, famous or foe) one question. Who would it be and what would you ask them?

Hmmm… interesting. But let’s up the ante a bit, shall we? (if you are familiar with my “Bring It” Challenge, you know I’m not gonna let you get off that easy!!)

Here are some layout requirements:

1. Your layout can have only ONE photo. The photo must either be of the person to whom you are posing the question OR must represent the question you are asking.

2. You MUST include your question in your layout and your question can be the ONLY words/journaling on your layout. This means you have to tell us what your question is, but that’s it. You can’t explain the question or answer the question. I'm a big fan of “less is more”, so express yourself through just your question and your photo.

It’s that easy, right?

Once you have completed this challenge, post your layout in the official ADSR Gallery with a link in your team's forum thread. Each team to complete the challenge before the deadline will receive this gorgeous collaboration kit:

Friday, February 6, 2009

Challenge 9 layout

lace, papers, flowers, frame from Moments kit by Summer Driggs
Viewer and note paper by Farrahs Designer Scraps
Backward Brad - Scrap Journal Kity by Digital Scrap Obession (KIM B)
Metal Alpha Beads - Scrappin Cop
Rope - from template by Kellie Puddy

Challenge 10 is done!

I finished Challenge 10! It was lots of fun.

Vicki - A Work in Progress -
Bring on spring
Autumn Dream
Citrus Berry
Blue Earth
Hazy Summer
Breakfast At Tiffanys
Oodles of Doodles

Ginger - Ginger Scraps
A Mermaid Tail

1. What are your 2 favorite movies? 50 First Dates and In Her Shoes

2. Who are your 2 favorite Singers? Harry Connick Jr. and Enrique Iglesias

3. What are your 2 favorite foods? Lasagna and Eggplant Parm

4. Who are your 2 favorite Actors/Actresses? Sandra Bullock and Christian Bale

5. What are your 2 favorite colors? green and blue

6. Who are your 2 favorite digi scrap designers? Jofia Devoe and Gina Marie Huff

7. What is your favorite number? 9

8. Who is your favorite author? Jennifer Weiner

9. What is your favorite season and Why? Spring. When the flowers and trees are in bloom I can't help but be happy!

10. Use 2 words to describe yourself. Thoughtful and creative

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Challenge 9 - Generations - Jodi

Ok here is my Challenge 9 LO.

Bon Scrapatit Designs - "Love Me Tender"
Anita Stergiou Designs - "Brand New Day" bird

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Challenge 10!

Challenge 10 can be found at Pixel Gypsy Designs

This project challenge is to be completed by the Racer who did NOT do the January 20 challenge.

It Takes Two:

Interview your race partner (ask at least 5 questions) and create a layout (with a photo) based on that interview. The layout must contain supplies from two designers—no more, no less, and the color scheme must consist mainly of two colors. Minor accent colors are allowed, but 2 colors must stand out most prominently.

Prize: $10 gift certificate good for any personal use products in the PGD store.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Challenge 9!

Here are the instructions for challenge 9 and they can be found here.

Welcome, participants in the Amazing Digiscrapping Race, Season 4!

We at KB and Friends are delighted to be your host for the project challenge that begins today, Sunday, Feb. 1. Our challenge is one that each racer must complete.

This week’s challenge is: Generations.

Your scrapbook page completed for this challenge must include:

  • Photos of at least two generations of family members (the more generations, the better). KB and Friends specializes in vintage and retro-style digital scrapbooking kits, so we encourage you to dig out those old family photos and scan them, if you have any.
  • Lace.
  • Something metal, preferably, old metal.
  • At least one flower.
  • At least one vintage or retro-style element. It can be ephemera, an old book, an old clock, and so on.

Here’s a layout I made of the three generations of women in my family.

Just the Girls- Digital scrapbook layout by Kathryn Balint

Those of you who successfully complete the challenge will receive $5 worth of your choice of digital scrapbook products by me, Kathryn Balint, from the shoppe here at KB and Friends.

Racers, while you’re here, check out our new "free" category in our shoppe. We have more than a dozen kits that we have "retired" but, rather than put them away for good, we’ve decided to give them away at no charge in appreciation of the digital scrapbooking community’s support over the years. You must register as a user in the store to be able to download the free kits.