Thursday, May 19, 2011

Jodi's challenge 15 LO

Here is my final LO! 

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Challenge 15 - Final challenge!

I am not going to lie, I am glad this race is finally coming to an end.  Here is the final challenge.

We wanted to do a challenge that gives you a chance to celebrate the family that is the digital scrapbooking community... your family in the box, if you will. Scrap about your digi family.. what they/she/he mean to you. You do not have to scrap about your ADSR partner, but you certainly may.

1. You must have at least 10 sentences of journaling. The journaling needs to be in only 2 spots on your page. You may journal more sentences if you wish, but the journaling must stay in the 2 spots you choose.
2. You may go photoless, but if you choose to use photos, you must use an even number of photos.
3. You must use an odd number of papers. You may use the same paper more than once but it will only count as ONE paper. You must have an uneven number of papers on your layout.
4. Use at least 2 different alphas for your title work. You may use more than 2.
5. You must date your page with some kind of date element.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Our challenge 14 LO

Challenge 14 was an intersection.  We each had to pick what part we wanted to do and racer 1 did the first part and racer 2 did the second part.  Barbara was racer 1 and I was racer 2. 

I love how it turned out. 

Catching up

I need to catch up.  Not that anyone reads this blog.  I mostly just keep it up for myself lol. 

Challenge 11

Challenge 12

Challenge 13

Images are linked to the ADSR gallery, for credits. 

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Challenge 14

Welcome to theStudio! We are so proud & honored to be hosting part of ADSR this year.

ADSR Intersection:

Challenge Theme: Doppleganger

Ever meet your doppleganger? Traditionally this means someone that looks just like you, but in the spirit of ADSR you can be creative! Meaning, this can also be your doppleganger in, um, creativity or spirit.


1) Racer 1: creates a basic page for Racer 2; to :
  • 3 stacked background papers (this may include clustering of elements between the pages)
  • 2 frames or “slots” for photos
  • Adds Title. Must be “My Doppleganger”
  • Flatten as a QP and provide for Racer 2 to finish

2) Racer 2:
§ Adds Photo’s
§ Adds journaling to explain the title
§ Adds elements and/or clusters to finish

Simple, but surprisingly challenging! I cannot wait to see your finished LO's. Please post finished LO's here: NDISB's ADSR6 Gallery 14

Participation prize:

The winning team gets one YEAR worth (12 months) of free Studio Mega’s designed by theStudio Design team each month.

Big, huge, welcome & smooches,

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Challenge 13


We hope you have fun with this and can't wait to see how the challenge inspires you!

Challenge Theme: Family not by Blood, but by Circumstance

Your layout can be about a friend, human or pet, or an in-law family member, or a even an object....anyone or anything you consider family (in your heart and mind) that didn't become family by blood....past or present!


1) whatever items you choose to use on your layout, you must include at least two of (except alphas).
2) Please incorporate a technique of blending
3) Somewhere in your layout please include adjoining (touching or parts overlaying each other) circles, squares, ovals, or some other geometric shape.
4) You must include journaling describing your bond.
5) You DO NOT need to include photos on your layout just in case the subject is about someone or something long ago.
6) Your layouts must be posted in NDISB's ADSR 6 gallery. Although not required, we would also love to have you post your layout in our gallery. We have set up a special section just for ADSR racers HERE.

Participation prize:

Our designers are finishing up a collab with a very versatile color palette! You'll love it!

(Please note: you must be registered on the site in order to post in the gallery. If you are not already registered we invite you to do so)
I try to take one day at a time, but sometimes several days attack me at once.

Site Partner

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Challenge 12

Welcome Races to challenge 12, congratulations on making it this far :-D . We are so happy and excited to have you here with us at SDK!

ROADBLOCK! Challenge for the Racer who did NOT do the April 12 challenge.

Our Challenge for you is a "Sketch Challenge". Your goal is to use the sketch as a guide to creating a page about 'A week in the life of...'

Please read the instructions before you begin :) .



1. Your layout must be about someone in your immediate family i.e you or your partner or one of your children.

2. Your layout must include 7 photos showing -
    a fun activity, a routine activity, a family activity, a reflective moment (quite time), a favorite toy or hobby, at work or play a favorite food

3. Your layout must include somewhere the title 'A Week in the LIFE of..." plus the month and year.

4. Your layout must include at least 3 cut out shapes (your choice of shapes) -
    1 cut out highlighting the subjects favorite day of the week. 1 cut out highlighting the subjects favorite activity. 1 cut out highlighting the word 'WEEK' in the title in the subjects favorite colour.

Challenge 11

The challenge is:

Share your Favorite Family Recipe
and its story behind it.
( or a favorite if you don't have a family favorite)

1. Use at Least 2 papers
2. At least 1 Recipe
3. At least 3 Elements
4. AT least 1 word Art
5. AT least 1 Ribbon
6. Polka dots somewhere on the page

Family photos are Optional

Our challenge 10 LO

Here's our Challenge 9 LO

Since Barb has 3 people in her family and I have 4, we used 7 papers.

Jodi's challenge 9

Here's my challenge 9 LO.  I am not in love with it.  I hate making LO's about myself. 

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Challenge 10

Intersection Challenge #10:
Racers you have hit an intersection and you and your team mate are required to work together on this challenge. The results of your teamwork is to be ONE layout that is presented as proof of completing this challenge. HOWEVER, both members of the team are encouraged to complete the layout as it would add to the value and enhance your collection of layouts from this race.

1. You only have to complete 1 page for this challenge. So one teammate will scrap the page using the requirements outlined below. However you and your teammate interpret these instructions is the path we'd love to see your page take! They are loose guidelines allowing you total freedom on how you want your finished page to be!

2. Your page will be photoless and be one that defines "MY FAMILY"; you will define that by both players journaling 3 lines of text for a total of 6 lines of text on your page, please note that is lines not sentences! So if you want to use multiple sentences to wrap and make-up those 6 lines, great! If you want to use one word per line or a phrase that is fine too, just as long as there are 6 lines total of some kind of text! BUT, you cannot have more than 6 lines and you cannot have less than 6 lines!

3. The number of immediate family members between you and your partner is the number of elements or papers you use, you choose. It is up to you as to who makes up your immediate family, be it pets, step children, decide! For example: Stef & I are partners, she has 2 kids and a husband and I have 2 kids and a husband. Our number would be 8, so we would either use 8 papers or 8 elements total. If we choose 8 papers than there cannot be more than 8 papers and the elements have no set requirement. If we choose 8 elements then we would scrap using 8 and only 8 elements and then there is no set requirement for how many papers we use on our page. Repeating elements would count towards your element count (for example, if you use 2 stars each star counts as 1 element, but a circle shape matted with paper WILL NOT count as an element).

4. The page has to have a title that is a joint effort of your team! Please state in your description who contributed to what to make your joint title. If you use an alpha then that will NOT count towards your element count.

5. The deadline of when your page has to be uploaded is NLT 1159EST on 1 May

6. Your page has to be uploaded to the ADSR 6.10 challenge gallery at NDISB here, but you are also encouraged to upload to our gallery as well! Please review our gallery guidelines before posting!

Challenge 9

I am starting to lag.  I don't like challenge 9 and 10, I do not like them Sam I am!  Here's challenge 9.

The Guild's ADSR Challenge:

We thought long and hard about coming up with a challenge that would be fun and also provide people with a variety of different directions in which they could take the challenge. We hope you have fun with this and can't wait to see how the challenge inspires you!

Challenge Theme:
All About Me (yes, you have to scrap a page about yourself!)

Subject of Layout: Scrap about something you inherited from a family member (it can be a physical attribute ex: smile, nose, funny laugh, a personality quirk ex: sense of humor, fearlessness, a talent ex: sewing, great athlete, a certain passion ex: love for animals, love of gardening, etc.) You are NOT limited to these examples; if you can figure out something....anything....that you inherited from another family member and you can scrap about it....GO FOR IT!!


1. The layout must have two photos (it can have more). The two required photos must be one photo of yourself and a second photo that illustrates the "thing" that you inherited. For example, if you inherited your mother's cooking ability one photo must be of yourself and the second photo could either be a photo of your mom cooking, or a photo of a great meal, or even a photo of a favorite recipe or cookbook. As long as the second photo helps to illustrate the "thing" that you inherited it works.

2. The layout must have a title that uses one of the following:
-a mix of different fonts (at least 2) or
-a mix of different alphas (at least 2) or
-a mix of fonts and alphas (at least 1 font and 1 alpha)

3. The layout must including journaling explaining what the inheritance is

4. Your layouts must be posted in NDISB's ADSR 6 gallery. Although not required, we would also love to have you post your layout in our gallery. We have set up a special section just for ADSR racers HERE.

(Please note: you must be registered on the site in order to post in the gallery. If you are not already registered we invite you to do so. Please be aware that we manually moderate all new registrations to guard our users against spammers. Because of the Easter holiday if you register on Sunday you will not be approved until Monday morning. I do hope you understand and this does not prove to be too much of an inconvenience for any one.)

That's it!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Challenge 8

The Green Life - Colie's Corner

Challenge 7

I pulled out an old picture of Gabe that was taken in a garden setting for this "Garden" challenge.

Paper - Seeds of Tomorrow - Marshmella Designs
2 Different Trees - Tree's - Colie's Corner - The Green Life
2 Different Types of Leaves - Pumpkin Patch - Marshmella Designs AND Autumn Blush - Jennifer Barette
2 Different Types of Flowers - Both from Seeds of Tomorrow - Marshmella Designs
2 Different Rocks - ADSR 6 Freebie - Bernadette Hunt
Fence - Wyld Web Designs - All Hallow's Eve
Squirrel - ADSR 6 Freebie - Bernadette Hunt
Chipmunk - ADSR 6 Freebie - Bernadette Hunt
Mushrooms - ADSR 6 Freebie - Bernadette Hunt
Grass - Graham Like the Cracker - Let's Go Fly a Kite
Butterfly - Scrapmuss - You and Me CT collab
Bird - Birds of Spring - Statements by Jodi
Sun - Gingerscraps Collab - County Fair
frame - Seeds of Tomorrow - Marshmella Designs

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Jodi's Challenge 8 LO

This one was very easy for me and I finished the entire LO while the kids slept in this morning!  They are both sick (as we all are here) so I let them sleep.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Jodi's challenge 7 LO

I had a hard time with this one.  I practically made every piece to this LO.  I had to edit alot of the elements to fit my colors and textures.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Challenge 8

Challenge 8 has been posted!  I haven't even started challenge 7 but already know what picture I am going to use, and already have some elements picked out in my head lol.  

Welcome racers! We are so excited to be a part of ADSR this year!
We have created a special gallery here at SUN if you'd like to show off your layouts, but it's not required. You are required to upload in the official ADSR gallery at NDISB found here.

Now to the good stuff...

We are a fast forward stop. What does this mean? The first team to finish the challenge can skip the next challenge, if you choose to do so. The first team that completes the challenge needs to post a link to your layouts (uploaded in the appropriate gallery at NDISB) in this thread so we can verify you actually finished first.

This year's theme is Family so here is our challenge:
What does family mean to you?

Think about the question, your answer, & create a layout using it. Simple, right?

Well... you're not getting off that easy....

Your Answer has to be in the Title of your layout.
Somewhere on your layout have either the question written out "What does family mean to me?" or you may also use "Family = (your answer)"

Somewhere on my page I have the question written out "What does family mean to me?" My title is "Drama"
So I've used the question and answered it. My answer is my title.
So then I make my layout about a moment when that particular word comes in, when something happened that I had to deal with Drama with my family (who doesn't have family drama... lol)

Photos are optional since there may not be a particular moment for it or you didn't want to take a photo while dealing with something such as Drama

That's not all! Now here's some additional rules. You may choose TWO out of the FIVE options. You MUST use at least TWO of them on your layout, any two. You can always use more than 2 if you want.
  • Use at least 2 different alphas for your title
  • Use at least 3 pattern papers
  • Use at least 3 solid papers
  • Use at least 2 different fonts in your journaling
  • Make a list of the reasons why you answered with that word (your title)
Example using same answer as above: Drama
1. Disagreements
2. Opening mouth...insert foot (what family member doesn't say something they shouldn't have said?..haha)
3. .... and so on
Let us know in your credits which of the two options you chose to use.

Now... that's all!

Monday, April 18, 2011

Jodi's challenge 6 card

Here's the card I made for Michelle.  I had the card done except the out of frame item.  I was having a hard time with it so John suggested a rainbow.  I recolored one I had with the colors from the kit I used and it worked out great.

Challenge 7

Challenge 7 is going to be a real challenge for me. 

CPD is very proud of hosting this portion of the ADSR and we love having you all here with us!
Just to let you know we do have a special gallery just for the race HERE and we would love to see your pages and leave you some love!!
It is not required to post in the gallery here, but it is mandatory to post in the NDISB challenge gallery HERE

The theme for the entire race is: FAMILY. Here is the Challenge # 7 Our dear friend Elaine (aka emst) helped us with the rules and will answer the questions HERE in the forum:

This challenge is going to be about your Family in a Garden (the whole family or even just a single member of the family in a garden)

Since it’s a garden theme we are going to concentrate on what you might see when you are walking in a garden.

On that note you will build a Garden Scene by using the following elements and then you will frame your photo and add it to your scene.

1) Use one paper for your background, but NOT a scenic paper.

2) You will use each of the following elements at least once on your page. You can repeat any of the following elements but it is only the same element that you can use to repeat. For instance one of the elements for the challenge is going to be a butterfly, you may repeat that same butterfly, you may NOT add a different butterfly and you may NOT recolor any of the elements when you repeat them.

3) Here is your list of elements that must be used at least once on your layout.

2 Different Trees
2 Different Types of Leaves
2 Different Types of Flowers
2 Different Rocks

Again all or any of the elements may be repeated. Be sure to add your shadowing.

4) Add one frame and one photo

5) You may choose to do one of the following to finish your page.
Add a title, quote or journaling

Friday, April 15, 2011

Challenge 6 Card for Michelle

I actually made 2 cards...because the first one didn't follow the rules so I made a minor change to make it qualify. I like the one that didn't follow the rules better...I think. It's so hard to decide.

This one doesn't follow the rules because I can only have 1 flower element and this one has 3.

I used:
GingerScraps Flower Shop Embossed Papers - Kathy Winters Designs
GingerScraps Flower Shop Wildflower - Pixels By Jen
GingerScraps Flower Shop Sweet Little Alpha - Wyld Web Designs

Challenge 6 - Optional

Challenge 6 is very sad!  I want to do it because I know Michelle could use some well wishes.  The rules are strict though so I hope I can pull it off.  Here is the challenge.

hallenge 6 for the ADSR was to be hosted by Digital Scrap Ink. Sadly, we
have just had news that the owner, Michelle is in hospital and is gravely
ill. Michelle has 2 young sons.

So we are a challenge short racers!

But,,,,, we know how wonderful you all are so what we decided to do was fill in
with an OPTIONAL challenge.

Optional means you do NOT have to complete this challenge if you do not wish
to. You will not be penalised if you do not complete it.

The challenge is to create a card wishing Michelle good wishes!

Your card MUST be A5 or 8 inches by 6 inches in size. It can be either portrait or landscape.
No, we are not going to be getting our tape measures out but it's just to
give you an idea of proportions.

Resize to 600 px 72 dpi for gallery submission.
For this challenge only, there are 2 posting requirements, please post your card in the official
NDISB gallery for challenge 6.6.
Please ALSO post your card in the gallery at Digital Scrap Ink
hopefully your wonderful well wishes will give Michelle and her family a much needed boost at this time of need.

Your card MUST have the colors pink and yellow on it, you can add any other
colors you wish but you must use pink and yellow.
Your card MUST have either 'Thinking of You'
or Wishing You Well' as the greeting.
NO other greeting is allowed.

You MUST use at least one each of the following:
1 Paper
1 Butterfly
1 flower
1 Button
1 ribbon

If you wish to repeat any of these elements that is fine.
If you repeat any of the elements, it MUST be the same element, not a
different one.

So for example, you can use the same ribbon twice but not 2 different

You may add any other elements that you wish other than those listed.
But if you choose to add a second button, it MUST be the same button as the
first one you used.
You may however add a different element such as a kite or balloon, or a
person for example.

You MUST use an Out of Bounds technique somewhere on your card.
For those of you who are not familiar with Out of Bounds, this is the technique
where you have something framed, or within a boundary, and part of it is OUT
of that boundary. Think outside the box here, it does not have to be a person in
a frame! It can be a bird in a cage with part of the bird escaping from the cage,
or a framed flower which is growing out of the frame.

I'm sorry I don't have time to post examples but I'm sure if you search around
galleries you will find an abundance of great examples. If anyone wants to post
one or two here that is fine.

You MUST list everything you have used in your image information.

Your prize for this challenge will be a Mini kit created by the NDISB Design
Team. Please be patient with us as we were not prepared for this so we have
yet to create it!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Challenge 5

Another Day in Paradise - GingerScraps collab
Photo - taken by me
Font - Susie's Hand

I dream of the day I will again return to the white sandy beaches of Hawaii. I long for a beach day to escape the everyday requirements of being a mom. I just hope I
don’t get sunburned!

Jodi's challenge 5 LO

I don't really go anywhere without the family.  I don't like doing things alone.  So I chose to pick something that Hubby and I WILL be doing in the future.  We are dropping the kids off at their aunts house and then heading to Lake George, NY for our 10 year anniversary for a few days.  We will be doing a dinner cruise on our anniversary, something I have always wanted to do.  Here's my LO.  Oh I chose recipe 3.

I had to change my LO because DH can't be included in my LO.  I am glad I did a LO that I like so I will save the original, but the one I had to submit to fit the rules is this one.  It just basically says I would go on a cruise if I had me time. 

Monday, April 11, 2011

Challenge 5

Challenge 5 was posted.


We love to give choices around here, to help make your layouts more of your own. You will be able to make two significant choices for
making your layout. The theme for the entire race is: FAMILY....At the O, we like to throw a twist in things too So get ready for a SUPER FUN CHALLENGE...

So most of us love our families, and love to spend that QUALITY family time....BUT....don't we love to have some time to ourselves as well?? It's so rare that
we get that in the hustle and bustle of everyday life!!!!

Your first choice will be about the theme:

Scrap a page about what you would dream of doing for a whole day (or longer) if you could get away from the family. (This could be about another family member if you like)


Scrap a page about when you have gotten away from the family for a day (or longer). What did you do without your family?? (Again, you can write about another family member if you like that has done this)

Your second choice is a recipe to help you create your layout:

We love recipes here and we also like to mix things up a little, so we've added our own twist on a classic recipe challenge. We're offering you a choice of recipes ... Please pick only one recipe ... your page may only consist of the items in the recipe you choose. YOU MUST LIST WHICH RECIPE NUMBER YOU USE IN YOUR CREDITS!!!!!!!

Recipe One (this is a no photo page)
Background Paper
Two More Papers
Journal Block
Paint Splat or Glitter
One or More buttons (Can repeat the same button)
One Ribbon

Recipe Two
Background Paper
Three Flowers (can be the same flower used three times)
Word Art
One More Paper
Stamp or brush
One, Two or Three Photos

Recipe Three (This is a White Space Page)
Background Paper
One Photo
Small Amount of Journaling
One Element of your choice (can be any element)

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Challenge 4

Hosted by DigiScrapStation


Racers you have hit an intersection and you and your team mate are required to work together on this challenge. The results of your teamwork is to be ONE layout that is presented to NDISB as proof of completing this challenge. HOWEVER, both members of the team may/should complete the layout as it would add to the value and enhance your collection of layouts from this race.

Here is the challenge: Traveling Family

Many families in these busy times are always on the go, to games, practices, school, friends and also on vacations. This layout is to be about your family's travels. It can be about the vehicles used to travel, about the locations your family travel to or about the actual travel itself.

One member of your team is to contribute the photos to be used in the layout along with the journaling, the other team member is to take the photos and journaling and create the layout. The layout should have a vehicle play a predominate part of the layout. Hopefully, the vehicle chosen will be the vehicle used in the photos or used to get to the place depicted in the photos.

Ways of incorporating the vehicle in to the layout could be:
journaling on a paper the shape of the vehicle
little vehicles traveling all along the sides of the layout
a huge shape of the vehicle backing the layout
shapes of the vehicle could be photo mats

Some teams may have members that do not have any immediate family - please remember there is not a strict definition of family being used for this challenge. A family may be you, your spouse and children, a family may be just you and a significant other, a family may be a single person with parents and/or siblings, the list could go on and on. But, please do not get hung up on this.

There is no limit to how many photos you include in your layout or a set amount of journaling that is required. But, you are to make sure it reflects the idea of a traveling family.

Jodi provided me with photos and journaling and I created a LO using RoadTrip by Wyld Web Designs.

Challenge 3

Our challenge is a composition challenge!
Create a layout telling about your family play time!
Most families enjoy doing things together, whether it be board games, sports, electronic games, indoor games,, or something quieter, or louder!

Tell us about your family games, if your family is split and all like to do their own thing,,, tell us what each member of your family likes to do!
You do not need a huge amount of journaling, but remember this layout will be for you, so you need enough to explain what everyone does and why they enjoy it.
You do not need to include a photo unless you want to, the layout of your page is more important than a photo for this challenge

The twist?
There's always a twist, right?
The plot of your layout should represent the game or games that you play!
For instance, if you're all into playing Monopoly,, your layout should look like a Monopoly board
If you like to play Parcheesi, it should look like a Parcheesi board
If you like playing Baseball, it should look like a baseball pitch
If you like playing Wii, it should look like a TV screen or a game console,,
If you're all quiet readers, your layout should look like a book

If you all like to do different things, you should try to incorporate at least 2 of these into your layout For instance a TV screen with a book page on the screen or a Monopoly board with a set of property depicting the various family activities

Get the idea?
( If you play the game, you should have an idea what the layout should look like, if not, a quick google will give you some ideas)

And your title must include any two of the following words game/s family winners players fun

You can really go to town with this if you wish
For example if you like to play a certain game, you could do a fantasy layout with yourselves IN that game,,
Or you can just stick with the composition layout portraying the activity or game, whichever you prefer.
I am not going to lie. I didn't like this challenge at all and my LO shows it, but the elements I did use were from Shabby Seashore (a collab at GingerScraps) and a ball and a crab from Water Getaway by MandyMade available at GingerScraps as well.

Jodi's challenge 3 LO

Oh forgot to post my LO!  For challenge 3 I decided to do an aquarium LO.  We love the local aquarium so bought season passes this past year and find ourselves there often.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Barbara's Challenge 2 LO

I used Scouting is for Girls from North Meets South Studios. I love green and blue together so I just had to use the kit even though my little man is not a girl scout!

Jodi's Challenge 2 LO

OOPS! I forgot to post my LO here.

Here's my challenge 2 LO.

Friday, April 1, 2011

I finally completed my Challenge 1 LO! I used the kit Bailey by Julie Marie Designs. I LOVE the colors and will be using it over and over.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Jodi's Challenge 1 LO

I decided to keep my first challenge LO simple.  Not a whole lot going on besides the photos and journaling.

Linked to the gallery so you can comment if you like!

Challenge 2

And since today is Tuesday already, challenge 2 has been posted!  Here's challenge 2

  • TUESDAY, MARCH 29 – Scrappity Doo Dah – FAST FORWARD! Project challenge for two players, but the first team finished may skip the APRIL3 challenge, if they wish
Peekaboo Family Inspirational Challenge - scrap a page about a family member that has inspired you.

Our Challenge is a "Peekaboo Family Inspirational Challenge". The goal is to scrap a page about a family member that has inspired you.

Please read all of the instructions before you begin and have fun!

1. Choose two background papers, one for the very back and one for the front layer.
Re-size the front paper so that the back paper shows through. Either have the front paper the same size smaller all around
or rotate the front paper so the back paper shows through.

2.Choose one photo for your LO and crop it to a 3" by 3" image or about a 900 pixels by 900 pixels image.
Place this either in the center of the page or somewhat off the center if you choose.

3. Use your shape tool to add at least three shapes of ANY shape above your front paper layer
as in a flower, a star, a circle, square or heart or any other shape you wish.
Select the shape on the shape layer with your magic wand tool and delete
from the front paper layer to show your background paper layer underneath in the shapes you cut out.
Make sure to add a good shadow to this front paper layer to see the cutouts.

4. Journal about someone in your family that is an inspiration to you.
It May be someone who gave you good advice or someone you look up to.
Journal between 25 and 50 words about this family member.

5. Cluster around your photo and on your page to complete the LO. Add shadowing and a title, with or without an alpha.
Adding a date if you choose to.

Challenge 1

Challenge 1 was posted on Sunday.  I am slowly getting my LO together.  I am finding it harder to get the LO's done with Isaiah teething and walking. 

Here is the first challenge.

Since this is the first challenge, we'll go easy on you. Keeping in mind that this is 6th season of ADSR, we ask that you create a LO that's listing 6 fun facts about your family. Something that is unique about your family or something that sets your family apart. Or even 1-2 fun fact about each of your family member. Your fun babies ARE part of your family, feel free to include them! Introduce us to your family as the opening of this race! Since you're introducing your family, let's have at least one photo of your family.

How to define your family? How about this? - "A family isn't about whose blood you have, it's about who you care about!" Hopefully this will answer many of your immediate questions. :)

You may include more than just 6 items, but 6 is the minimum.

As a little check off list.. required parts are:
1. At least one photo of your family.
2. 6 items listing some trivia/fun facts about your family.

Monday, March 28, 2011

ADSR 6 is underway!

We are now in a new season of ADSR!  ADSR 6 has begun!  That called for a blog makeover.  I hope you like the new look.  Stay tuned for our entries.