Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Jodi's Challenge 1 LO

I decided to keep my first challenge LO simple.  Not a whole lot going on besides the photos and journaling.

Linked to the gallery so you can comment if you like!

Challenge 2

And since today is Tuesday already, challenge 2 has been posted!  Here's challenge 2


  • TUESDAY, MARCH 29 – Scrappity Doo Dah – FAST FORWARD! Project challenge for two players, but the first team finished may skip the APRIL3 challenge, if they wish
Peekaboo Family Inspirational Challenge - scrap a page about a family member that has inspired you.

Our Challenge is a "Peekaboo Family Inspirational Challenge". The goal is to scrap a page about a family member that has inspired you.

Please read all of the instructions before you begin and have fun!

1. Choose two background papers, one for the very back and one for the front layer.
Re-size the front paper so that the back paper shows through. Either have the front paper the same size smaller all around
or rotate the front paper so the back paper shows through.

2.Choose one photo for your LO and crop it to a 3" by 3" image or about a 900 pixels by 900 pixels image.
Place this either in the center of the page or somewhat off the center if you choose.

3. Use your shape tool to add at least three shapes of ANY shape above your front paper layer
as in a flower, a star, a circle, square or heart or any other shape you wish.
Select the shape on the shape layer with your magic wand tool and delete
from the front paper layer to show your background paper layer underneath in the shapes you cut out.
Make sure to add a good shadow to this front paper layer to see the cutouts.

4. Journal about someone in your family that is an inspiration to you.
It May be someone who gave you good advice or someone you look up to.
Journal between 25 and 50 words about this family member.

5. Cluster around your photo and on your page to complete the LO. Add shadowing and a title, with or without an alpha.
Adding a date if you choose to.

Challenge 1

Challenge 1 was posted on Sunday.  I am slowly getting my LO together.  I am finding it harder to get the LO's done with Isaiah teething and walking. 

Here is the first challenge. 


Since this is the first challenge, we'll go easy on you. Keeping in mind that this is 6th season of ADSR, we ask that you create a LO that's listing 6 fun facts about your family. Something that is unique about your family or something that sets your family apart. Or even 1-2 fun fact about each of your family member. Your fun babies ARE part of your family, feel free to include them! Introduce us to your family as the opening of this race! Since you're introducing your family, let's have at least one photo of your family.

How to define your family? How about this? - "A family isn't about whose blood you have, it's about who you care about!" Hopefully this will answer many of your immediate questions. :)

You may include more than just 6 items, but 6 is the minimum.

As a little check off list.. required parts are:
1. At least one photo of your family.
2. 6 items listing some trivia/fun facts about your family.

Monday, March 28, 2011

ADSR 6 is underway!

We are now in a new season of ADSR!  ADSR 6 has begun!  That called for a blog makeover.  I hope you like the new look.  Stay tuned for our entries.