Saturday, March 20, 2010

Jodi's Challenge 12 LO

Barbara's Challenge 12 layout

The Earth Laughs in Flowers -Graham Like the Cracker
Border - Border Up - Misty O'Brien Designs

Jodi's Challenge 11 LO

Ginger Scraps - First Day of Spring
Polka Dot Plum's ADSR Humpty Dumpty Challenge Template

Barbara's Challenge 11 layout


Back from OuterSpace - Statements by Jodi
Staples - Groovy Kind of Love - Statements by Jodi
Template pieces and Bird - Polka Dot Plum
Fonts used: A Truer Blue and Hobbes Font

Challenge 10 layout

Challenge 10 LO was completed by Jodi


Misty Obrian's Designs and Spinky Dink Scraps Collab - Everyday Happenings - Project 365
Daybreak Scraps - About Our Love

Jodi's Challenge 9 LO

Daybreak Scraps - You Are
HarmonyStar - Swirly Gig

Barbara's Challenge 9 LO

Yellow background paper and green paper with dots - Let's Go Fly a Kite by Graham Like the Cracker
Border Template - Border Up by Misty O'Brien Designs
font - Elise and Jellyka, Saint-Andrews Queen
Everything else from the kit Smile Everday by Damayanti Studio

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Challenge 10

Challenge 10 is from Inspiration Lane

welcome racers!

here is Challenge #10!

Your Inner Artist

this is an intersection challenge, so both racers must work on a single layout

we are all about inspiration around here - we strive to inspire you to create the best pages you can with forum challenges, blog challenges, freebies, wishes, ... so we want to know....

what inspires your inner artist?

it can be anything from kids to hubbys to other people in your lives to places you've been/live/work... you get the idea :)
we want to see what inspires you in your life! (it does not have to be scrap-related!)

*your layout must include 2 photos - 1 photo from each racer - that show what inspires each of you in your lives

that's it! no other requirements, just let the inspiration flow

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Challenge 9

found at OScraps

Hello, racers! Welcome to Oscraps! We're very excited to be the next stop on your journey.

Now, on to the challenge...

The first step of the challenge is to look at the color wheel. You and your partner must choose opposing colors on the wheel, so for example, if you pick blue, your partner must use orange. It should be the predominant color in the layout but it does not have to be the only color used. Please use THIS color wheel to make your selections. As long as you are using opposing colors, they do not have to be in the same band.

The second step is incorporate this quote in some way.
“Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules, making mistakes, and having fun.” - Mary Lou Cook
You can use any part of this quote as your inspiration. For example, you could make a layout about growing. You could make a layout about breaking the rules, etc. You can use any part of the quotes or words from the quote. The quote itself does NOT have to appear on your page.

The third step is to include the following:
You MUST include paint. This item is mandatory.

Then, pick 7 more from this list:
black and white photo
2 alphas
something metal
patterned paper
funky font

Please note that an item does NOT count for more than one category. So, for example, if you were to use a glitter swirl, it would either count for swirls OR glitter, NOT for both. You MUST have different pieces for each of your seven mandatory items. Also, if you decide not to use a black and white photo, that's fine, you can still use color photo(s) or no photo. You can use anything else that you want on your layout as long as you meet the mandatory requirements.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Barbara's Challenge 8 LO

I used Buckaroo Blues by Teri's Thing-O-My-Jigs

Barbara's Challenge 7 LO

I was not looking forwad to this challenge because I don't like scrapping about myself, but I sucked it up and did it anyway. I'm happy with my list, but this is probably the most plain LO I have ever created. I just wasn't into scrapping about my bucket list (to be honest). I used Dot Dot Dash by Teri's Thing-O-My-Jigs.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Challenge 8 - Jodi

I was very excited about this challenge. I had a few ideas in my head of what I wanted to do but I always went back to this idea. I just can't wait till I have this baby. I have baby on the brain!

Journaling with title - Someday Soon... I will see your beautiful face, touch your tiny hands and feet, kiss your precious head, and hold you in my arms.

Click the image to go to the gallery for credits.

Challenge 8

Challenge 8 was found at Elemental Scraps

Special Note: This is a FAST FORWARD Challenge! The first team to complete this challenge will have the option of SKIPPING next week's challenge if they choose!

We've all said "someday...". Whether it's "someday, I'm going to get this filing cabinet cleared" or "someday, I'm going to find happiness" or anything in between. So, we want to see your "someday".

In order to allow as much creative license as possible, we have very few stipulations about what you need to use on your layout, but of course there are a few.

- Your layout must contain journaling. Whether you choose for it to be 1 line of journaling, or an entire page of journaling, is up to you.
- Somewhere in your journaling or title it must say "someday". If you want to make the title 'Someday', that's fine. If you would rather make your title something else completely and just mention 'someday' in the journaling, that works too. Even if you happen to have a 'someday' word art you want to use, that's fine as well! As long as we can see 'someday' on your page somewhere, it counts!
- We love elements here at Elemental Scraps, so of course we would love to see some on your page. At least 10 of them! But, use your creativity! If you want to use 10 pieces of ribbon and no other elements, that's fine! If you pick one button, 3 staples, 2 flowers, 3 ribbons and a frame, that works too. If in doubt, feel free to add more.
- I am currently obsessed with tone on tone papers. So, I'd like the background of your page to be a tone on tone patterned paper. If you don't have any tone on tone papers in your stash, you can use the one below. Otherwise, tone on tone paper you already have will work.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Challenge 7 LO - Jodi

I was pretty excited about this challenge but found that I had a hard time getting past the 30's lol. I know I have alot more of that on my to do list in life but it was hard coming up with them on the spot. I pushed through and came up with a LO that I am very proud of!

Some of them have been moved around a bit on my LO though. I wrote the list and then when I put the list into my LO I had to move some around to make it fit better. I also see I have some typos in my LO lol. Oh well.

50 things I would like to do in my lifetime

1. Sell my house
2. Buy a bigger house
3. Take my children to Disney World
4. Go to Australia
5. See all the big US landmarks
6. Go to the Olympics
7. Go to a Superbowl
8. Watch my children grow up well
9. Help my daughter pick out her prom dress
10. Home school both my children
11. Help my daughter plan her wedding
12. Attend both my children's weddings
13. Watch both my children graduate college
14. Go to Hawaii
15. Take my children to the Cayman Islands
16. Hold my first grandchild
17. Move to a warmer state
18. Live closer to my family
19. Watch my nieces and nephews grow up well
20. Visit all 50 states
21. Lose weight and keep it off
22. Own a brand new car
23. See the only 2 surviving pictures of my grandfather
24. Become a better photographer
25. Master my DSLR camera
26. Go on a cruise
27. Get lasik eye surgery
28. Visit family in Colorado
29. Pay off my student loans
30. Spend more time with family
31. Stay married till death do us part
32. Go on a real vacation with my family
33. Take my family camping
34. Finish 1 paper scrapbook for each of my children
35. Become a better scrapper
36. See the Northern Lights
37. Take better care of my feet
38. Finish my dollhouse to give to my daughter
39. Be debt free and stay debt free
40. Finish all the VC Andrews books
41. Decorate our house to look like a page from a magazine
42. Get a pedicure
43. Continue to donate to charity
44. Be someone my kids can look up to
45. Pray more
46. Be a Godly woman
47. Have a healthy second baby
48. Spend more time with my friends
49. Have more me time
50. Go to Heaven before my children

Challenge 7

Challenge 7 was found at Scrap Orchard and was a Bucket List!

Welcome to Scrap Orchard! We are so excited to be participating in ADSR again! Last year was fabulous and we can only expect pure awesomeness for this year too!

If you raced last year, you might remember our challenge was thought provoking and a little on the tough side. This year when we started planning our challenge, we decided we wanted to step it up a notch! We've come up with a fabulous challenge and we think you will absolutely *love* it!

Without further ado, Scrap Orchard ADSR 5 Challenge 7:

The Bucket List
Scrap 50 Things you would like to do in your lifetime. (While a Bucket List is typically a list of 100 things you would like to do in your lifetime, we've cut the number down to 50, given that you are all under a serious time constraint. However, if you would like to list more than 50 things, you may!)

When making your list, please keep your items realistic, things you could actually do, achieve and cross-off your list. For instance, we would all love to win the Lottery, but we have no real control over or means to ensure we are the winner, so it's not a feasible goal. Your items can be small, outrageous, bizarre, modest.. just make sure you have at least 50 of them!

Once you have scrapped your list (we hope you cherish and start working on your list once the challenge is over), please upload your layout to the ADSR 5 Gallery and post a link in your team's thread so you can receive credit for completing the challenge. Psssst.. we would love to have you upload your layouts to our Gallery too, so we can see all your awesomeness! To make it easier on the fabulous ADSR checkers, please include a numbered list in your layout description!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Jodi's Challenge 5 LO

Ok here's my challenge 5 LO.

Click the image to go to the gallery for credits!

Challenge 6 LO - Barbara

Port Au Prince -Song Bird Avenue
Tags -Gunhild

Challenge 5 LO - Barbara

I used: flower, papers, button, string (ribbon), staples, alpha, and theme was about chocolate.
Template by Photo Cowgirl
Orange Flower - So Funky by Designs by Sassy
Leaves - Ritzy LuLu by flutter expressions
Scatter Beads - Sense of Adventure by Happy Scrap Girl
Brown Paper with small circles - Nighty Night by Shabutt's Digi-Scrapz
button, String/Ribbon, striped paper, yellow paper, and blue paper - Country Love by Ramona Scraps
Staples - Serenity by Happy Scrap Girl
Alpha - Chocolate Kisses by Harmonystar

challenge 6 ROADBLOCK

For this challenge we have reached a ROADBLOCK. Huh? What does that mean you ask? Well, this means that only one of us could complete this challenge.

Theme: Scrap Yourself!

1. Select 2 papers, solid/solid, solid/pattern, pattern/pattern.
2. Lay your first paper so that if covers the entire workspace.
3. Take the second paper insert it into your LO and decrease the size so that the paper is slightly smaller than the bottom layer.
4. Shadow the top layer.
5. Select a photo of you when you were younger and another one of you taken within the past year.
6. Photos should be 4 x 6. They can be vertical or horizontal. They can be color, sepia, or black/white.
7. Place the younger version of you in the top right quadrant of your layout.
8. Frame it.
9. Place the most recent photo of you in the lower right hand quadrant of your layout.
10. Frame it.
11. Select the following number of elements and cluster the areas around these photos.
Buttons - 4
Flowers - 4
Leaf//Leaves - 2
Heart shapes - 2
String / Twine - 2
Glitter/Bling - 2 (If you have glitter on a flower or other element, you can not count it towards your glitter/bling requirement)
Metals - 4 (this can be staples, keys, brads etc... it must be obvious)
Ribbon - 2
Flourishes - 2
12. Type up 10 words to describe yourself. They can be in any font, as long as its legible, and would prefer they be positives about you.
13. Tuck these words near your clustering -- they must be visible and not hidden by elements.
14. Insert the following Title, anywhere on your layout : This one is for me!