Sunday, May 8, 2011

Challenge 13


We hope you have fun with this and can't wait to see how the challenge inspires you!

Challenge Theme: Family not by Blood, but by Circumstance

Your layout can be about a friend, human or pet, or an in-law family member, or a even an object....anyone or anything you consider family (in your heart and mind) that didn't become family by blood....past or present!


1) whatever items you choose to use on your layout, you must include at least two of (except alphas).
2) Please incorporate a technique of blending
3) Somewhere in your layout please include adjoining (touching or parts overlaying each other) circles, squares, ovals, or some other geometric shape.
4) You must include journaling describing your bond.
5) You DO NOT need to include photos on your layout just in case the subject is about someone or something long ago.
6) Your layouts must be posted in NDISB's ADSR 6 gallery. Although not required, we would also love to have you post your layout in our gallery. We have set up a special section just for ADSR racers HERE.

Participation prize:

Our designers are finishing up a collab with a very versatile color palette! You'll love it!

(Please note: you must be registered on the site in order to post in the gallery. If you are not already registered we invite you to do so)
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