Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Challenge 12

Welcome Races to challenge 12, congratulations on making it this far :-D . We are so happy and excited to have you here with us at SDK!

ROADBLOCK! Challenge for the Racer who did NOT do the April 12 challenge.

Our Challenge for you is a "Sketch Challenge". Your goal is to use the sketch as a guide to creating a page about 'A week in the life of...'

Please read the instructions before you begin :) .



1. Your layout must be about someone in your immediate family i.e you or your partner or one of your children.

2. Your layout must include 7 photos showing -
    a fun activity, a routine activity, a family activity, a reflective moment (quite time), a favorite toy or hobby, at work or play a favorite food

3. Your layout must include somewhere the title 'A Week in the LIFE of..." plus the month and year.

4. Your layout must include at least 3 cut out shapes (your choice of shapes) -
    1 cut out highlighting the subjects favorite day of the week. 1 cut out highlighting the subjects favorite activity. 1 cut out highlighting the word 'WEEK' in the title in the subjects favorite colour.

1 comment:

  1. Due to the other road block not being a road block in the end, this challenge got changed so that everyone has to do the challenge. I decided to keep this post as the original though for future reference.